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Growth Through Digital

Strategy Design & Development

Pushing the boundaries between traditional B2B and B2C marketing to create an advanced automated strategy that drives growth.

Digital Asset Design & Development

Developing powerful digital funnels to channel highly targeted leads to your website. From there the life-cycle journey begins.

Automated Life-cycle Journey

Once your client has engaged your business its time to nurture them through the client life-cycle with the intent of turning your clients into brand advocates.

Adding value to our clients is at the forefront of everything we do

Results is what drives us

We supply a premium service to Australian businesses that see the value in the digital space. Leaders that are ready to embrace the future and what Growth Hacking and Digital Disruption can achieve for them.

First, we need to find out who your prospects are and research what marketing medians will best influence these groups. From there we design a customised strategic lead magnet network to attract these prospects and channel them into your website. Your website should be strategically designed to maximise conversions from prospect to lead.

From here we nurture and guide the lead to the holy grail. Using state of the art forensic analytics, social listening technology and lead nurturing automation, this technology also tags your leads and scores them according to their interactions with your digital media, notifying you of the perfect moment to strike. Start reacting to hot leads and stop the costly cold calling.

Once you have got that all-important client over the line and they become a customer, it is then in your best interest to retain them for as long as possible. Customer retention is the most important KPI in any business. WHY? The most effective and cost effective form of marketing is referrals, that’s right word of mouth!! Speak to any true marketing professional and they will tell you the same. If you can keep your clients happy enough to repeat purchase, then they are more than likely referring your business to their peers.

In saying this, we can provide you with the techniques and technology to keep you in their thoughts for their next engagement through life-cycle nurturing.

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Delivering quality to our clients, this is the RedEx difference...

Why us?

Here at RedEx Digital we strive to supply you with industry leading knowledge and techniques to accelerate your growth and maximise your ROI (Return on Investment) We know that accelerated growth is fantastic but it needs to suite your business’s needs and capabilities.

We understand every business is different and that’s why we supply customised digital marketing solutions for you, strategically designed to grow your business at your pace. We like to mix and match our offerings to provide you with a balance between leading Growth Hacking methods and effective digital marketing solutions.