Social Media Manged Services

It might seem like a simple thing to have an employee updating a LinkedIn account or Facebook page every day or two. Unfortunately, this isn’t going to cut it. Managing a social media presence demands a level of engagement that can’t be achieved with half-hearted updates and occasional insights.

The successful social media moguls are brimming with personality – the kind of personality that inspires, excites, or amuses readers. Social media is filled with amateurs trying to do this just for the sake of it. Getting attention as a business can be even harder. It takes a special sort of interaction for people to start and keep paying attention to business accounts. Fortunately, this is a skill that can be learned.

We offer a number of different packages meant to achieve different levels of social media penetration. Likewise, we have different options meant to allow for greater client control of their media presence.

Building Your Social Presence

The first step in getting your social presence in order is tailoring your social presence to your target markets needs. To do this you need to understand your target market, their demographic, the platforms they utilise and how they consume their media.

By understanding what age groups and professions engage with what platforms you can reduce cost and wasted effort using irrelevant social platforms. There has been an argument among marketing professionals for many years about the use of targeted platforms vs using all social platforms to get the message out. We practice a very targeted approach and believe that its best to use only the medians that your market consumes.

We all however tend to agree that if you have a page or profile for your business on any platform keep it updated! don’t have a Facebook page for your company and never update it, if this is not the platform that you need to target then delete the page or do not start one, never let it go out of date.