Quality Website Development

How important is website design and why?

The design of your website can either make or break the business you are trying to deliver. It actually makes a difference on how your target audience views your business or company and potentially turn them into your customers. As such, developing a website that has an impressive user interface will result in a much better conversion rate, which leads to better business and revenue. There are five core elements to a website that need to be carefully planned and executed well, they are:


  1. Archetecture and navigation
  2. Content and elements
  3. Brand uniformity
  4. Engagement
  5. SEO


Its time to change the perception of websites, a well executed website should be thought of as an asset and the development of a website should be a project that is prioritised and treated as an investment.

Creative & Quality Design

Every business is different. It is important to understand that every industry, market and audience interacts with digital differently. With this in mind, it is important for us to understand your clients and target audience, it is also imperative for us to understand your needs, and vision for your business. To make sure we deliver a solution that will create value for you and your clients.  To do this effectively we need to allocate some time and energy to the discovery process. This is done through three main steps:


  1. Through Consultation. We make it a priority to learn about you and your client’s needs, likes, dislikes, and any ideas they may have for the website before crafting a blueprint for development.
  2. Capturing the vision. Based on the information provided by you, and the research conducted into your target market demographics we design a prototype that is fit for purpose and engaging to your market.
  3. Clear Call To Actions. Depending on your audience demographic and interaction, our team creates effective and customised CTA’s (Call To Actions) to maximise the likelihood of converting the prospect into a lead.

Geared For Performance & SEO

We don’t just build website’s that work, in our opinion there is no integrity and value in that. That’s why all of our websites come geared for performance, we are able to provide this service by following an industry best practice. Building a website is not just the design, there are a multitude of guidelines that are recommended by the major search engines that we include in all of our website packages. We even guarantee a minimum of a 70% on-page SEO health score upon handover of your new website.

Some of the inclusions include:


  1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) intergration
  2. Schema.org intergration
  3. Search engine indexing
  4. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate


For a full list of extras that are included in our packages please click the link below.

12 Month Guarantee

RedEx Digital offers a 12 month guarantee on all new websites when you sign up for any of our website care plans. Not only do our care plans give you a 12 month warranty you also receive other great benefits as well. Please click the button below to find out more.


Why is a website so important?

A website is the first interaction most of your target audience will have with your business. Consider your website as a business development manager, it needs to portray your values, integrity, quality, vision and mission without saying a word. Your website is the greatest tool you can have. Remember first impressions are everything.

What does a typical website cost?

The cost of a website is really dependent on the clients needs. It is impossible to quote a website without going through the discovery process first.

The biggest contributor to the cost of a website build is functionality, customisation, changes and scope creep.

How long does a project usually take?

We strive to make sure that our clients are happy with the final product and will do what it takes to accomplish that within scope. Because of this, we have a six step approach to our process.

The five steps are:

  1. Discovery Process
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Prototype Generation
  4. Front End Programming
  5. Quality Assurance Testing
  6. Launch

The time frames to complete these steps are based solely on the size of the project and functionality being requested so it depends on several factors.

We do however strive to achieve delivery in accordance with the projects proposal. (Please not scope creep will push the delivery time of projects back)

What makes RedEx Digital Different?

Our transparent approach and company culture are a fresh approach in our industry and we put our integrity and the forefront of everything that we do.

We guarantee our work, the guarantees we give on functionality and on page SEO health are designed to give you peace of mind.

Why Start?

The look and feel of your website is your first chance at a lasting impression.

Even if your industry is still not engaged in digital, it will be, sooner rather then later. This is when the first to market strategy also applies. If your first in your industry ranking for certain keywords it will be easier to maintain these results even when the competition for these keywords builds.

How does the process work?

For most projects, we follow a six step process.

The six steps are:

  1. Discovery Process
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Prototype Generation
  4. Front End Programming
  5. Quality Assurance Testing
  6. Launch

Each week you will receive by email a project update and an updated project time line with highlighted risks and opportunities. At the end of the project you will be asked to complete a project closeout form with your assigned project manager.

Do you offer web hosting?

We believe in transparency and giving the clients the control. We like to give you the freedom to choose. We offer options where we can host and monitor your website, or we can set the website up on your own hosting account. The choice is yours.

What design and development tools do you use?

More often than not, our design work is done in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and our development work is done using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Foundation and MySQL. For most content-driven sites, we prefer to build on the WordPress content management system. While we do have our favorites, our team has a diverse range of skills that allows us to adapt to fit the needs of just about any project.